Interesting reading on a cold, rainy Sunday

After I finished reading the Herald-Leader and went to church, I had some time on this cold and rainy Sunday. So I went in search of more good reading. Here’s what I found:

As if airline passengers and employees didn’t have enough to worry about, the long-discussed merger of Delta Air Lines and Northwest Airlines could be getting closer. The Financial Times is reporting that a deal could come as early as Monday. The merger could have a big impact on Kentucky as the airlines try to merge operations to cut costs. Some aviation consultants think Delta’s Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky hub may take a hit. Fasten your seatbelts; it could be a bumpy ride.

Casino promoters may have come up with a losing hand in this legislative session, but they’re sure to return, especially with a state budget like this one. Christopher Caldwell has an interesting piece In the New York Times Magazine about the economics of state-sponsored gambling.

In The Courier-Journal, Erik Reece, the UK writing professor and anti-strip mining author, draws his own analysis from the industry publication Kentucky Coal Facts.

The Bowling Green Daily News follows up on that city’s worst storm, which caused a half-billion dollars worth of damage 10 years ago this week.

In the Truth is Stranger than Fiction Department, this report comes from Pikeville, which will host its annual Hillbilly Days festival Thursday through Sunday. The Appalachian News-Express reports that federal officials have recalled 26,000 sets of plastic “Hillbilly Teeth.”

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