How to prevent so many deaths of young people?

I’ve heard from a lot of parents — and even a few young people — about my “nothing good ever happens after midnight” column Sunday.

So what could be done to prevent so many senseless deaths? Some who have written me suggest more parent oversight, more university- sponsored education, stricter enforcement of liquor laws or simply just more responsible behavior among young people.

What do you think? What do you suggest? Post a comment below.

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to “How to prevent so many deaths of young people?”

  1.   Todd Says:

    To call them “senseless deaths” is to imply that some deaths are sensible. There’s what, over 30.000 students at UK? Statistical probability suggests that every year, there’s going to be a few deaths among them. I don’t think it’s avoidable.

  2.   Joe Says:

    Some deaths ARE more sensible than others. For a healthy young person to die in a random accident is a lot more senseless than an 85-year-old dying of old age and natural causes.

    How to stop it? I don’t know. Having a more sensible approach to alcohol use and abuse in this country would be a good start. Usually, when a university student dies in situations like these, alcohol is a primary factor.

    The weird combination of prohibition/celebration we have toward alcohol in this country is not healthy. And there is an obvious lack of good intervention and treatment options here. This is not to say that America is unique in having alcohol-related problems–we just have a uniquely schizophrenic approach to it here, half puritanical and half Budwieser commercial.