Next year’s trip: Madison, Wisconsin

Commerce Lexington‘s 70th annual Leadership Visit next year will be to Madison, Wis.

Woodford Webb, Commerce Lexington’s chair-elect for 2009, said Madison has changed a lot since the chamber trip there 11 years ago.

Madison has may things Lexington would like to have. It has 160 biotech companies, a dynamic downtown, low business taxes, good environmental protection efforts and a highly educated population. The city ranks high on national lists of places to live and raise a family.

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  1.   Jerry Says:

    I have said that Madison should be the absolute model that Lexington should strive for. It has vibrant entertainment, a wonderful city/university relationship (unlike the one in Lexington where everyone hates having UK around and only tries to make it more difficult for students to enjoy their college years), a retention rate of graduates who end up making Madison their homes forever that is second-to-none, and with all that they have, you can still feel safe walking down the street (in Lexington, not so much anymore). Combine all this with the live music and vibrant downtown of Austin that they’ve seen this year, and Lexington can’t go wrong…unless they continue to think that what they have is good enough (which is what a lot of people would like to think but Lex is going downhill slowly but surely right now). So buck up, get these good ideas from other places, and actually make an effort to IMPLEMENT them here, instead of talking about how nice it is and then doing nothing. These trips aren’t for your enjoyment, they’re for you to bring back ideas for Lexington to make it competitive with these nice places that you are visiting. Right now, it can’t compete, but it can with a little vision from government, university, business, and sadly…the apathetic citizens of Lexington.