Back from vacation and trying to catch up

I’m back after a week’s vacation. Each year, several friends and I go to Bike Virginia, a five-day bicycle tour through a different part of Virginia.

This year, about 1,800 of us were riding around Bristol and Abingdon, in far southwest Virginia, with a swing into Kingsport, Tenn. The scenery and weather were spectacular, and the company was even better. I rode a little more than 350 miles, including 100 miles one day. Bike Virginia is both physically challenging and mentally refreshing. It’s hard to think about everyday worries when you’re focused on pedaling up the next big hill. And southwest Virginia has a lot of big hills…

So, what happened in Kentucky while I was gone? A lot, apparently. Over the next few days, I’ll be catching up on CentrePointe and other issues and writing about what comes next.

By the way, Commerce Lexington has posted videos of the main presentations made during the Leadership Visit to Austin, Texas, in early June. While the other 274 Kentuckians on the trip were listening, Mark Turner, the chamber’s senior VP for communications, was capturing the speakers on video. Lucky for you; there are a lot of good ideas on those videos. Click here to watch them.

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  1.   Dan Says:

    Here is a great description of the Courthouse Design Review Board meeting.

    Since the Webbs came out and said that they will build Centre Pointe without the $70 million in TIF funding we should hold them to it. $70 million dollars to help build luxury condos and a fancy hotel is nothing more than welfare for the rich.

    Here is a collection of articles about the use of TIF in Chicago. TIF can easily be a vehicle for corruption.

  2.   Media Czech Says:

    The bulldozers are there and the demolition is starting tonight or tomorrow night.

    Updates here: