Secretariat in Ky.: the horse, the movie, the pin

The Finishing Touch of Kentucky has made more than 400 souvenir versions of the gold pin featured in the recently released Walt Disney movie about Secretariat.

The pin is modeled on one that Secretariat’s owner, Penny Chenery, inherited from her mother. Kentucky artist Salina Ramsay re-created the pin for actress Diane Lane to wear in the movie.

“It’s my understanding that sales have been strong,” said Mary Holman, owner of The Finishing Touch in Nicholasville. “The detail is exquisite. Usually, that much work isn’t put into a costume-jewelry piece.”

Copies of Ramsay’s design, cast in pewter and plated with 18-karat gold, are being sold for $39.95 on

The movie about the Triple Crown winner, who was sired by a Bourbon County horse and retired to stud there, was filmed at Keeneland and nearby Woodford County.

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